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Workshops and Lessons with Steve and Chris


“We have known Chris and Steve for several years with Hard Road.  And while we didn't think it could get any better, maybe it has.  As a duo their music seems incredibly personal and very exciting.  We recently had them in the store for a clinic and personal performance.  The participants were completely captivated by the whole event, as were we.  Chris and Steve seem to be a perfect musical match.  Their voices blend almost like brother and sister.  And their musicianship is well . . . . .unbelievable.  They were lucky to find each other, but not as lucky as we are to be able to enjoy their music.”

- Sheila and Clay Powers - Charley's Guitar Shop, Dallas, TX

Steve’s mandolin classes:

“Great pedagogue – answered questions and gave attention to everyone in the class.”
“An excellent instructor – not only in the information presented but especially in his personal attention to each individual student with guidance and direction for improving or correcting techniques and playing skills.”

- Response from players at HCamp 2010

Chris’ voice and songwriting classes:

“Unbelievably attentive and gifted in her understanding of voice – and how to get our voices out.  Lots of fun.”

“Chris is very perceptive and able to focus in on each participant in the group and yet bringing entire group to performance level - amazing experience.”

Recommendations for Anne:

I've been playing guitar for about 35 years and in that time, I've played with a lot of bass players. I've known and played with Anne Luna at jams and informal shows for at least 10 years and she is, hands-down, my favorite bass player. She has an uncanny ability to sense the direction and expression of the music and respond accordingly. This ability makes her one of the best musicians- not just bass player, but musician- that I've ever played with. When I first heard Steve Smith and Chris Sanders as a duo all I could think of was "Anne Luna would be _perfect_ for this ensemble". Well, here they are!

In addition to jamming and playing with Anne, I've had numerous opportunities to discuss music with and seek musical advice from her. Her teaching skills are right up there with her playing skills. When people ask me for a good bass teacher, Anne is the first person I recommend. In sort, Anne Luna gets my highest recommendation as a musician and teacher.

Bryan Kimsey
Luthier, writer, guitar player

Anne Luna is an outstanding bass player who delves into the heart of the instrument. I am a mandolin player who was interested in reaching deeper into instrumentation, and I took Anne's "Bass Class for Beginners." She was able to show me simple techniques that I could use immediately to begin playing simple bass lines. Anne is a treasure. She clearly and concisely starts her students on a journey of bass basics. TAKE HER CLASS!!


Steve Smith and Chris Sanders pool their experience and expertise to bring you strategies and exercises to help you sing your best and take your performance to a higher level in any style. Build your awareness of your voice, developing more strength and freedom AND improve your harmony singing.

Individual Band Workshops

Smith and Sanders are available to work with bands.  Stage presence, arrangements, harmonies, vocal and instrumental technique are some of the areas that can be worked.


Steve SmithSteve's goal with instruction is to aid musicians in achieving their own goals as players and performers. Instruction includes chord construction and voice leading, scales and theory, right and left hand development, application of chords and scales in tunes, and tone and survival techniques for jams and performance.

Private Lessons

Steve offers private lessons for mandolin, guitar, fiddle and 5-string banjo.  Along with private lessons, Steve provides weekend one-on-one and group workshops at his Las Cruces studio.  For scheduling, please contact Steve at 575-649-1595 or

Mandolin and Guitar Workshops

Steve’s mandolin and guitar workshops cover a wide range of techniques and styles from Bluegrass and new acoustic to old-time, Celtic, swing, and jazz. Beginners to advanced will learn and enjoy attending the workshops.


Steve is a regular instructor at Camp Bluegrass held each July at South Plains College in Levelland, TX sponsored by Joe Carr and Alan Munde.  Chris will be filling in for Dede Wyland in 2010.  Both Steve and Chris have been on faculty at Hill Country Acoustic Music Camp in Kerrville, TX, and Steve often teaches at Zoukfest and California Coast Music Camp.

Chris Sanders


Chris Sanders has been working with singers for over 30 years as a voice teacher, coach and choral director. Whether working on a singer’s original tune, art song or aria, jazz standard or gospel favorite, Chris focuses on the unique gifts of each individual singer. Healthy vocal production and a positive and productive attitude top the list of goals in lessons and workshops. Vocal exercises develop stronger and more dynamic singing. New approaches to harmony singing help build confidence and take singers to a higher level. Every singer has stories to tell, and through improvisation, movement and alignment exercises, we can let those stories out!

Chris received a B.A. in music education from Concordia College in Moorhead MN and a masters in vocal performance from Cal State Hayward. While in the San Francisco Bay Area, she was one of the founders of the Actors’ Training Project. She has been part of the voice faculties at New Mexico State University and the University of Texas El Paso. Early on she directed middle school and church choirs in Durango CO. She counts Dr. Martha Rowe, Neil Semer and Dede Wyland as major influences.

Anne Luna

Workshops and Lessons with Anne Luna

Bassist Anne Luna makes her home on the shores of Lake Sumner in the cabin she inherited from her grandparents. While attending South Plains College where she received her AA in Commercial Music (2004), Anne was voted Female Instrumentalist of the Year for two consecutive years.

To complement her instruction at SPC, Anne studied classical bass techniques at Texas Tech University (where she earned a degree in biology!). She has recorded with Alan Munde, Kenny Maines and Amanda Shires and performed with the Spring Creek Bluegrass Band, Doctor Skoob and the Acoustic Groove, the April Verch Band, Steve Smith and Hard Road, and Hot Foot Toby.

Her playing has been described as graceful, elegant and at the same time, hard-driving. As an instructor, her energy and easy-going manner create a welcoming atmosphere for students.

Catch her anchoring the groove and singing sweet harmonies with the Hard Road Trio!